April 26, 2016

Camp with Us

What do we look for in HUGGZILLA Camp Members?

HUGGZILLA is dedicated to the expression of love and acceptance in our effort to manifest harmony and balance in the world.  We look for camp members whose value systems are in alignment with his goal.  Members who desire building unity, not discord, are welcome.

What are some of the important values of HUGGZILLA?

  • RESPECT for all camp members is paramount to our HUGGZILLA philosophy regardless of ANY reason you might find someone else less deserving.  This includes, but is not limited to race, sexual identity, religion, ethnic background, age, gender, or WHATEVER!!!
  • Practice Non-Judgment:  We ask that all camp members keep an open mind and non-judgmental attitude as people find various ways in which to connect and express themselves.
  • Respectful of Boundaries:  Do not make any assumptions about people or their actions. Please use effective communication with camp members and the community to minimize misunderstandings, especially as it relates to any form of consent over personhood situations.

Are there camp fees or donations?

HUGGZILLA is a theme camp with a vision to break down intimacy barriers by offering a space and events that foster healing, expression, and connection.  HUGGZILLA is NOT a plug-and-play camp and we are not providing you a service. This is an organized and placed camp on the Playa.  As such, there are considerable efforts and expenses involved with bringing HUGGZILLA to Black Rock City.  In alignment with the principle of Communal Effort, we ask all camp members to contribute by gifting our talents, labor, love, and financial resources to provide a collective gift to Black Rock City.  By choosing to participate with HUGGZILLA you are agreeing to pool resources and time to bring this gift back to the community.

Contributing financially is one way that enables us to gift our vision to the community.  In order to adequately plan camp logistics and secure you a space within HUGGZILLA, it is essential that approved camp members submit their contributions as soon as possible.

**In order to secure a spot at HUGGZILLA, contributions must be received in time (space is limited)

*Although HUGGZILLA will have some communal amenities available such as a showers, gray water management, kitchen, 2 hot meals per day (breakfast & dinner), drinking water, maybe even ice machine, shaded areas, morning coffee and electrical power it is still your responsibility to be self-reliant and bring whatever resources you require for the duration of your journey.  The playa is known to turn things upside down so plan for the unexpected.

Do you have options for those with limited funds?

We do not want a lack of funds to deter anyone from joining our vision at HUGGZILLA.  If you have limited funds then please contact us to see how else you can contribute, sometimes we have options.  There are many ways in which an individual can contribute to HUGGZILLA and we encourage people to be creative in their ideas.

What are the expectations of camp members?

After you are invited to become a HUGGZILLA member, you are encouraged to participate in our online community pages to stay abreast of important information. Here are a few of the specific requirements once you’re on the playa:

  • Abide by all 10 Principles of the Burning Man Community.
  • All camp members are expected to help with camp tasks. We are awesome because we do not have the official schedule for everyone, you can sign up daily for various tasks. We want you to have the best time ever but in the same time please don’t let us down, this is a big camp and it needs your help daily.
  • In addition to complete Leave No Trace for personal space and belongings, each member must do 4 hours of LNT (Leave No Trace) Camp Sweeps for HUGGZILLA before leaving the playa. THIS HAPPENS ON SUNDAY MORNING, AFTERNOON and MONDAY.
  • All members must take as many trash bags as possible with them on the way out. Yes, this is important!  Even a green camp generates a lot of trash and few large trash bags per car is not that uncommon.

All of this sounds good and I want to be a member of HUGGZILLA!

Submit your application: Huggzilla Camp Member Application

*Please note that filling out this application does not confirm or secure you a place to camp with HUGGZILLA. You must be sent an official invitation to become a camp member. So make sure that your application is interesting 🙂

What happens after I submit the application?

After you’ve submitted the application, HUGGZILLA will review your request and get in touch with you for an interview. Yes, every person joining our camp is interviewed and many do not pass 🙂 If your application is accepted and the interview goes well, you will be given instructions on how to secure your space in our community.  Registration is not complete until financial contributions have been paid.

I don’t have the ticket yet, what should I do?

The fact you were not able to get your ticket secured through the main sale should not discourage you from going. 2nd hand tickets usually start becoming available in the last few weeks before Burning Man, you just really need to believe that you will find it and you will. The members of the camp can be really good source for this. If you join the camp and pay your dues, your name will be added to our 2nd hand ticket queue so you can increase your chances of getting one. There are no guarantees but the camp really comes together in the last month and magic does happen!

If you would like to offer a workshop or a lecture in our camp please click on the following link
Workshops & Lectures Application

Performer/artist/DJ Application

Application to join our camp

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