Ivan Martinetti
Admin - Founder

Chief of Fun at Huggzilla and the most wonderful human being.

Gelareh Darvish
Admin - Project Manager

Project manager from London, also a sensitive human being full of love and wonder - a giver, lover and someone who inspires and drives people to be better versions of themselves.

Thomas O'Duffy
Admin - Creative Director

Thomas pursues being a renaissance man, saving the world and having fun in equal and sometimes conflicting ways.

Bill Stemwell
Admin - Mechanical Engineer

It's only work if you would rather be doing something else. 

Pegah Esmaeilzadeh
Admin - Project Support

Toronto based dreamer, who works full time as a digital advertiser and part time as a world traveller. “Anything you can dream of is achievable.”

Shahar Marhum
Admin - Project Support

A very energetic, funny, and extremely social guy! Do what makes you happy | Good Vibes Only

Ambika Grewal
Admin - Decoration Manager

In search of the sound we cannot see and the light we cannot hear

Scott Maynard
Admin - Light & Sound Engineer
Who’s ready to dance!?!
Ana Rafaela
Admin - Workshop Organizer

I'm always smiling and down for a hug, or two, or as many as I can take. At the playa you will find me dancing, cuddling, workshopping or checking out the art

Hershey Jayasuriya

Smiling coffee pot- laugher, learner, lover of family  and many things nerdy

Charlotte Baici

Self described stubborn and fair, confident determinist. I'm a midwife and of course feminist and nature lover

John Anthonie

( Alkėmē ) :“A big box of ADHD & LOVE"

Charles Hurtebize

Charlie aka captain mooper. French aussie calling home, home. I’m actually not funny. I’m just mean and people think I'm joking

Derek Paglinawan

My name's Derek. Originally from Hawaii, current bay area resident, future nomad. I build and grow stuff.

Tom Richardson

Cameraman/Photographer a man that loves life and loves all things outdoors

Randy Gue

Always up for fun times and looking forward to making lots of new Huggzilla friends

Hannah Todd

Brit living in Geneva, Switzerland, taking some time out from work this year to travel, explore and meet people from as many walks of life as possible Big believer in Huggzilla’s ethos

Erin Chung

Empathy is my medicine.

Melissa Liu

Beautiful smiles and warm hugs from this American born Jamaican who isn’t afraid to get down and dusty while wearing a wig.

Karina Rubio

 I live in LA and my biggest passion is being able to help those in need and remind them of the love they deserve.

Waris Wilson
Yousuf Gandapur Gandapur

Im a physician and super excited for my first burn this year!

Katie Meek

Happy go lucky Kiwi Chick, Always bringing the party Vibes - First time burner from New Zealand

Karyn Mai

This Vietnamese-American adventurous spirit loves camping, hiking, photography, traveling & culture-diving. I’m always down for some great laughs & philosophical ramblings!

Brenda Stemmwell

AKA Mama Bear - I am Bill Stemwell’s other half of almost 35 years, 2 kids who are 25 and 26 and 1 grand daughter and another grand daughter on the way in July. Everyone named me Mama Bear for some odd reason so I guess that’s my Playa name.

Ana Gómez Sánchez

AKA Anita - I'm from Madrid (Spain), work as a UX/UI designer. I love adventures, travelling, pink color and cats. I'm very shy but It can change If I get confidence

Shekhar Gurnani

shake what your mama gave ya

Amin Aziznia

Engineer by Training, Trader by Profession, Adventurer by Heart! Vancouver-based!

Naz (Nazli) Oguz

I travel the world and hug people

Tracy Assaad

A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam

Jessica Bowen

All I need in this life is love, dogs & tacos

Tal Kibari

From Tel-Aviv, very curious guy. I love the beach, food, drinks, people and traveling

Jeffrey Jessum

I love to connect in deep ways.

Alex(ander) Mrotzeck

Coming from Germany - I joined several local burns in europa and in 2013 I was at burning man camping in Hushville

Faust Checho

Actor-Filmmaker, Lover-Lightbringer, at your service

Tatiana Minaeva

I am a Londoner with an artistic soul who is inspired by music, people, art and nature. This will be my first Burning Man experience and I very much look forward to it.

Paul Fears

Paul Fears aka LoveJungle:  Freakaholic.

Deepak Kumar

Knowledge seeking tinkerer who likes to see the world through the eyes of others

Lior (Leo) Elkayam

Hope is the poor sister of faith

Justin Collaco

Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride

Olga Britt

A soul caterpillar, who cant wait to blossom into a beautiful butterfly and release  her soul and meet all the magical people who I will love forever and ever.

Lily Elli

 I like to hug people hard

Gerald (Jerry) Gay

I work hard party harder and I’m overly loving let’s get this going!

Dominic Gencarelli

I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not sure.

Zeina Ghaziri

I'm probably lost, but that's okay

Sona Kazemi

I'm a Canadian engineer, passionate about life, nature, and people!

Daniel Sagi

I am part of the one great soul that we are, and wish to unite

Matthieu Boinel
Sam Newble

 Lean, lanky, laughs a lot. From the land of the long white cloud.

Jon Melrod

Retired human rights attorney and currently an advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples in the Philippines

Tim Russel

1st time burner all the way from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Sylvie Skye Barron

More Cowbell

Paul Barron

More Cowbell

Gennan Shippen

More Cowbell

Alex Rodriguez

aka Chief, also Ranger Chief Alaska. I’ll be “House Manager” for Huggzilla, and I guess we will all learn what that means. This will be 6th burn, 3rd year as ranger. See y’all in the DUST!

Jimmy Nassif

If I see you without a Smile, I am giving you one

Sonia Esfehanchi

 I asked myself what I need to come alive, and the answer was Yoga. I am from Toronto. I am an engineer and a project manager by day a yoga instructor on weekends.

Alex Pechota
Igor Jojkic

 A consultant for nonprofits and civic movements

Saba Masoomi

hummingbird I walk fast, learn fast, talk fast and love fast.

Farah Tamer

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

Ani Homberger

corporate lawyer until now yet adventurer with free spirit, currently undertaking life changes

Zuzana Drozd

Swiss chocoholic & art loving BM virgin looking forward to experience the awesome community and integrate as many of their principles as possible into my future daily life

Matthew Campbell

Free roaming global traveller sharing the hug life around the world one country at a time, come at me with open arms and I'll give you a hug to remember.

Yousuf Gandapur

I believe in living in the moment!- excited for the burn- love hugz!

Thomas Marik

Dust baker

Daria Zhest

Hi! I’m Daria, earthling, make CGI stuff, simulate reality, love science on the side, and figuring out which good movie to watch next. Accept your favorite recommendations 24 hours 7 days a week.

Ariel Miller

Life is a grand adventure!

Sherif Wasfy

Sports,Smiles & Good Vibes - Welo Welo of Habibi Land

Tarek Barbar

I am a 27 year old man who lives in the moment as it never comes back. Memories and sharing beautiful experiences is what I strive for!

Ecaterina Maniuc

The mother of dragons , khaleesi of habibi land

Lillian Wong

give me huggz!

Stella Zeco

Hopeless optimist and romantic and bear hug addict

Oktavia Catsaros

 like many Gemini’s, I can be both vivacious, direct and outgoing but I cherish those moments of silence, reflection and introversion- the two faces that the playa reflects and represents. Xo

Anthony Esebag

(aka 'Green Virgin') 1 y.o. Huggzillian & Pro-Hugger - Friendly Geek, 'Sick Beats' Dropper & Hugg Lover

Hazem Shoirah

I go by Zee, and my playa name is Cleopatra. I am a 35 year old man who found himself, again, on the playa last year. I love brains and the conscious experiences they produce. My joy in life is to make those experiences pleasant and joyful by spreading kindness and laughter, or when need be: by rolling up my sleeves and fixing those brains.

Wassim Barbar

(Guru) I am only sane because of my insane wife

Johan Zeims

Liza Hamilton’s life partner. We build good dome.

Liza Hamilton

Johan Ziems Life partner. We build good dome.

Sasha Refa

Loving Life

Angela Strachan

Fun loving caring couple who like to live life to the fullest and experience as much as they can. Oh and yes we love to hug!!

Ian Strachan

Fun loving caring couple who like to live life to the fullest and experience as much as they can. Oh and yes we love to hug!!

Vanessa Vinas

originally from Mexico and living in Miami now

Colin Boling

grew up in UFO capital of the world, went to high school in an underground bomb shelter, college in Atlanta, and currently living in Miami

Elie Pano

AKA Eligo - to new adventures

Michaela Bublikova

5’3’ energy ball always dancing around unless finding a cuddle puddle, then turning into the best beard and head scratcher.

Tanya Nahoum

AKA Tanye, Tina, T, Tdawg, boom boom Nahoum...excited for future nicknames to come from Huggzilla camp. Originally from Canada and stoked to spend my first burn in cuddle puddles.

Marie Ettori

AKA Mystic Tory - Life is a playground!

Aris Giannopoulos

very kind and approachable, likes to discuss different points of view with different people.

Ginta Kupcovaite

a bit eccentric, appearing to be cold or hostile, but actually very friendly and funny person (it's just my face, sorry

Jack Hargreaves

I'm a fixer of things , Nature enthusiast, Born in New Zealand, raised by the world, Provider of good vibes

Marcelo Matos

4th Burning man in row, 3rd year with Huggzilla ! Brazilian living in Texas!

Anna Biss

Friendly, fun, kiwi chick, passionate about being the best we can be, living life to the fullest, and leaving the world a better place. On my first Burn!

Fiona Foster

I’m an adventurous globe trotting kiwi who can’t wait to embrace Hugzilla’s ethos at my first burn!

Alexandra Wall

I go by A-Wall, I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel by way of Canada & NYC and my life motto is "Life is Short"!

Daniel Lee

Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything.

Bianca Karasiewicz

Trust me, I'm the polish equivalent of a doctor

Ben Truck

 New Yorker, 6th time burner, long-time Vampire

Ryan Stenta

Humble. Amazing. Sarcastic.

Ari Salomon

This is my second burn but I only scratched the surface last year.  Hoping to truly improve my daily life with burning man this year. Can't wait to meet everyone

Mayer Luke

Living the dream 😉

Viktoria Garner

Full-time lawyer and part-time potter with triathlons and mountain climbing in between.

Andrew Gray

Flying lover, animal hugger, lover of puns,  I cant wait to hug you all, I ain't lion

Aerin Raine Swafford
Adventurous Aries who loves a good time and to make sure everyone else around is having a good time! Southern gal born in Tennessee, but Hawai’i is where I call home and reside. Rebellious spirit, keeping Rock N Roll alive, witty jokester, nature enthusiast, and lover of arts.  “A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale” (dare to dance, leave shame at home)  
Sara Cerro Laso
I'm Sara and this is my first burn.. I'm super excited! Can't wait to meet everyone 
Anastasia Ostrowsky

First time burner, ready to spread some sparkle 


AKA Diamond Dust - I was part of the SWAT team using seine nets to capture leopard print wearing burners back in 2017. 

Andrej Sesic
Shay Meghnagi

I'm fascinated with group flow and human relationships. I think magical bonds and transformations can happen in the right settings. I think HUGGZILA seems like such a setting. I'd love to interact and contribute from my experience getting the best out of people, which is my day job.

Rob Holub

Filmmaker, Musician and last romantic, Love wins, love always wins

Bing Zhang
AKA Bing Bing - A kaleidoscope of interests, personalities and intelligence. Never seize to grow.
Nir Elblink
Maria Tomaino

Living in Miami, loves sushi, playa pizza, yoga, the outdoors and hugs from Burners. 

Leckvong Tran

Vong for short ) : I am a man of many hats. I will help where I am needed. 

Agnes Garbowska

Canadian living in the States and a friendly coffee and animal loving illustrator.

Larissa Wignall

Finding my dharma and discovering paradise along the way.

Despina Karargyri

This is Despoina (Pixpini) and I am someone who smiles and laughs a lot. I am open-hearted and overall good people. You can count on me. Xx

James Gangemi

I'm a curious, goofy ENFJ-Virgo from Philly. I love exchanging magic through human connection and am super excited for my 30th lap around the sun at my first burn. Let's hug & boogie Huggzilla! 

Rody Nimrod Lazar

A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away.

Rebecca Shamoon

This will be my second burn. looking forward to all the dusty huggz!

Alessandro Giovannini

AKA Giovanneros - 100% italian, currently work in Milan. In love with the world I spent few years in Asia and travelled most of it. I love people and I love to hear your stories! 

Alaeddine Rafei
Life is like a book and staying in one place is like reading only the first page of that book. Entrepreneur from Casablanca Morocco. First time burner. 
Emma Tal

all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory

Guy Shahar

I’m from Israel! Can’t wait to give all of you a big hug and to get to know everyone in our amazing camp. I love talking to people, dancing, laughing and learning new things. Let’s have fun!!! 

Dahlia Perez

When I'm not getting dusty or cuddling my pooch (shout out to G and the other dog-people<3) I'm a bio-nerd studying how to (literally) heal a broken heart. It's my first Burning Man and I can't wait to meet you all!

Yoav Rapaport


Will Stemwell

First time burner with a love of avocados, bass, and anything groovy. 

Trent Ballantine

Evolution of mankind is paralleled by the increase and expansion of consciousness

Geno Fallico

Can't wait for my first time

Cynthia Rubio

Spontaneous-Adventurous-Lover-Nature-Dancing Enthusiast

Relia Dusoleil
Liron Levy

life is a journey, make the best out of it!

Alessio Zanotto

Me in 4 words: Hi-tech, Design, Food, and Fashion

Anna Nelson

I cannot wait to leave the default world and start my burning man journey!! 

Omer Nisanov
singing like there's nobody listening, dancing like no one's watching and living like it's heaven on earth!
Fareeza Roche

Earth wanderer. Mother. Social butterfly. Travel, Food, music, love and deep conversations are the way to my heart. Really thrilled to experience the playa for the first time and fall in love with the magic that surrounds me. 

Mehdi Bensatti
I live To Paris, but I'm from Morocco, I love music, and I can’t wait to meet you because I already feel the positive vibes.
Lahrichi Hamza

Moroccan guy living and working in Paris. Can't wait to enjoy this experience with all of you Huggzillan

Smail Haddioui

Hello my name is Smail from Casablanca Morocco!!

Selma Tazi

Hi my name is Selma from Casablanca Morocco!

Edwards Roberts

Live fast, Burn young

Marc Roberts

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Sefrioui Houyam
I am a character of notorious clumsiness with a magnetic charm who is convinced that anything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares, works and never gives up
Sergio Rojas

South American, always trying to live my best life

The world has been my home for the past six years

Into biodegradable glitter and oranges

Attachments area

Csaba Fikker

Ruling the Playa on the "Higher" Note

Jack Hargreaves

Nature enthusiast | Fixer of things | Sailor | Provider of good vibes 

Michael Allora

Heart Quakin', Love Makin', Soul Shakin

Lucy Foster

New Zealander currently living in Australia, and first-time burner...can't wait to see you all in the dust! 

Faheem Kajee
dr dtc

Still figuring it out, but in the meantime, infinite love and hugs.

Tarek Khaled Yassin

I am an architect engineer and costume designer, love meeting new people, very welcoming and hospitable as I was raised. Always smile and laugh while taking everyday as a new learning experience from a world of abundance

Ghita Diouri

Curious about other people’s passions. Looking forward to live this experience !